• María-Bernard at Paris Fashion Week 2022

    She is a well-known woman in the fashion industry based in Paris, France. María stands for sustainable fashion and has an upcycling brand called Les Fleurs. The red coat she is wearing is vintage Escada sourced by Designer Redefined.

    Photographed by Maëva Druart.

  • @Diln_ Vacationing in Versace

    Dilo and friend Elba in Greece at Villa Cimbrone. Dilo is wearing a pink-yellow cashmere Versace scarf worn as a top via shop. The German native is also herself an archivist at @Diln_Thrifting.
    Photographed by @Lindalsii.

  • Our 1st Photoshoot back in February of 2019

    Redefined’s first time renting space to photograph our cherished pieces. Our model is wearing a vintage Dior gown from the 2006 runway show, paired with leather Gucci heeled boots.

    We asked our model Lisa, a New York native, what fashion meant to her, she replied, “Fashion means I am free to be a woman. I can express how I feel inside with what I wear on the outside.”

Designer Redefined

Redefined was inspired by high-end luxury vintage items that are designed and fabricated with top-notch craftsmanship that lasts the test of time.  Teamed with a mission that deeply cares about the future of our planet, Redefined was created to connect like-minded people with this dual desire.  Owning pre-loved quality at a reasonable price that was fabricated to last generations.

it feels good… looks good...

and it’s good for the planet.

Redefined supplies clothing, purses, jewelry and more. We authenticate and certify our products and sell them at reasonable costs relative to the value of the item.  We also offer rental options for that special event or photoshoot. 

Our e-commerce store and limited shopping events are two of the ways that we sell our treasures. 

5% of sales goes to Mental Health Foundation’s.